The Dams on this page Have all retired from Breeding

Valorie’s Autumn Sunshine


Call name:  Sunshine

Date of birth:  9/30/2000

Sunshine is always alert and on top of her game.  A joy to work with, she has earned 14 agility titles and her Canine Good Citizen. Extremely healthy, she has never been to the vet for anything other than a healthy visit and has produced many litters of healthy puppies.  Her coat is a shorter, shiny, dark golden. Morningsage, Honor’s and Gold Coast are included in her bloodlines.  Sunshine is now retired from breeding and competition.



Tipperary Anne 


Call name:  Annie

Date of Birth:  6/17/2004

Gentle, sweet and very laid back is our Annie. She has a long, lovely, flat coat of glistening light gold.  Annie got her first agility title in just two shows.  She now has five.  Her bloodlines include Tipperary, Carlin, Westwinds, Asterlings, Frisbies and Miramichi. She adores her new family in retirement.


Valorie’s Tutti Fruiti 


Call name:  Tutti

Date of birth:  10/18/2004

Tutti is small, quick and bright.  Her flat coat is a nice, medium, honey color.  She is engaged in everything around her and doesn’t miss a trick. She has earned three agility titles and really enjoys working for us.  She has her Canine Good Citizen title as well.  In her pedigree are Frisbies, Topbrass, Windfalls, Honors and Mioaks.  Tutti is now retired from breeding.


Valorie’s Banana Belle 


Call name:  Belle

Date of birth:  11/21/2005

Beautiful, beautiful Belle.  Sweet as honey and colored like it too with a strong blocky head.  She has earned her Canine Good Citizen and two agility titles.  Belle’s pedigree includes Asterling’s Wild Blue Yonder who is considered one of the best golden retrievers ever.

Belle is retired from breeding.


Westwind’s Honolulu Honey


Call name:  Windy

Date of birth:  6/17/2005

Windy gives the best hugs around!  She has a soft, flowing coat of light gold.  Windy has earned six agility titles.  She is very responsive and quick showing lots of enthusiasm on the agility course.  Her ancestry dates back to Camrose Cabus Christopher, one of Europe's most winning sires of all time whose record as a sire still stands today, with a total of 26 Champions in U.K., and a total of 50 Worldwide . Windy died at the age of 12.


Westwind’s China Doll


Call name:  China

Date of birth: 9/16/2005

Our petite, British cream colored dam is China.  She is a very loving dog who is eager to learn.  China earned her first two agility titles in only two shows.  Like Windy, her pedigree also dates back to Camrose Cabus Christopher.  The dramatic cream color is stunning and her puppies get prettier and prettier as they grow into adults. China is retired from breeding.



Tails of Gold Tango Too

Call name:  Tango

Date of birth:  5/15/10

Died; 4/1/2016

Tango is a beautiful, light golden pup of our own breeding.  Her parents are our retired dam,  Tango, and sire, Cash.  She has a gentle soul and a playful heart.  Her smarts really show up in agility training and she will start competing in 2012.


Tails of Gold Carmel Candy


Call name:  Candy

Date of birth:  8/08/09

Candy is pick of the litter from a customer mating out of our Cash.  Her soft coat of light gold is fun to snuggle up to which is what she mostly loves to do.  She is in training and expected to start agility competition summer 2011.


 Valorie’s Summer Cha Cha


Call name:  Cha Cha

Date of birth:  4/19/08

Cha Cha is a rich dark golden with a soft flowing coat.  Her pedigree includes Windfall’s, Mioaks, Topbrass, Gold Meadows and Thistlerock.  Still in training, Cha Cha is a good listener and a fun little girl who can’t wait to show up the others in the agility ring. 


Tails of Gold Lovely Rumba


Call name:  Rumba

Date of birth:  12/09/08

Rumba is an English/American cream with the sweetest disposition you could ever ask for.  Our China is her dam and our Cash is her grandsire.  She has already earned awards toward her first title.