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Smart, gentle, loving, healthy and beautiful

Welcome to the world of Tails of Gold Retrievers!

My name is Valorie LaBeau and I have been developing my breeding program of Golden Retrievers since 2000.

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds of dog.  They are extremely loyal and loving to their owners and can be a child’s best friend.  Not to mention, they are absolutely beautiful with their long and shiny coats of fur.  Golden Retrievers are perfect for anyone looking for a companion member of their family.  Here at Tails of Gold Retrievers, we are Minneapolis / St Paul Minnesota’s premier Golden Retriever breeder. 

We are very passionate about the Golden Retriever and we work very hard to breed the very best puppies. Our Golden Retrievers are bred with love and care.  We work hard at pairing our dogs to breed the gentle temperament that makes Golden Retrievers famous.  Our track record for producing healthy puppies is exceptional and has been proven in a 14 year breeding history.  Tails of Gold adult dogs have earned multiple agility titles so the puppies you get from us have parents whose intelligence and trainability has been tested.  They easily acclimate to different environments and new family members.  A Golden Retriever is a great dog to bring into a home with other pets, as well.  We are proud to provide one of our babies to your home. 

Currently, there are 9 adult golden retrievers3 males and 6 females in our program.  They are all indoor family pets who are trained performance dogs.  These dogs compete at agility trials throughout the mid-west.  A wonderful showcase of awards have been won with these highly intelligent golden retrievers.  In addition to their own merits, the parents also have good breeding lines.  They have Champion lines in track and field, conformation and obedience.

All of our golden retriever puppies have regular veterinary check-ups and are kept up to date on vaccinations.  An excellent written health guarantee is offered with each puppy. They are whelped and raised indoors with frequent trips outside.  These puppies are handled everyday and exposed to men, women, children and the elderly.  A special effort is made to socialize them.  Our puppies have been photographed for ads of many top-named stores and magazines such as Plato’s Closet, Target, Tuesday Morning, Oreck and Cargill.  Our puppies have also been featured on the Milk Bones box.

We currently have many puppies for sale.  If you are looking for a Golden Retriever puppy for sale, contact us today.  The price of our puppies depends on the parents, gender, age and/or color.  Please feel free to browse our selection. 

Thank you for visiting our website. As Minneapolis / St Paul Minnesota’s premier Golden Retriever breeder, our dog breeding process is carefully planned to ensure the safety and well-being of our dogs. All of our puppies are members of our family and we will welcome them into yours. If you are in need of adopting a wonderful and beautiful Golden Retriever, please contact Tails of Gold Retrievers today. We look forward to hearing from you.  I will be happy to help find the right dog for your family!





Phone:  320-558-6611 (best way to reach us)

  Email:  breeder@tailsofgold.com

Valorie LaBeau

AKC/ACA registered Golden Retrievers

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